Understanding Girl Bullying And What To Do About It

Understanding Girl Bullying And What To Do About It

Julaine E. Field, Jered B. Kolbert, Laura M. Crothers, Tammy L. Hughes
Understanding Girl Bullying And What To Do About It
Corwin Press, 2009
133 Pages
ISBN – 978-4129-6488-3

Girl bullying has recently been making the headlines internationally. Not all girls are like this, and not all girl bullying is the same. Being a girl is hard and being there for them to get through the bullying is key.

This book was written mainly for school counsellors to help them better understand the effects of an age old problem that is often difficult to detect. The book covers all aspects of girl bullying, from prevention and intervention to the causes of school bullying to checklists and sample forms to address and documenting incidents of girl bullying. Chapters focusing on reports, strategies, definitions, social and cultural influences and much more prepares school officials to handle different situations in the best interest of everyone involved.

Being a school counsellor is a challenging job and when it comes to girl bullying their jobs get even harder. Sometimes, girls can be sneaky, making identifying and solving the problems that much harder. Learning more about all forms of bullying is always a good thing and reading is the best way to do so. Reading Understanding Girl Bullying and What To Do About It will only help you to learn more about bullying. You have nothing to loose by reading it.

The book also includes a 10-session counseling sequence, so counselors can work with girls in small groups to deal with bullying.

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