Please Stop Laughing At Us…

Please Stop Laughing At Us…

Jodee Blanco
Please Stop Laughing At Us…
BenBella Books Inc, 2008
443 Pages
ISBN – 978-1-933772-29-8

After writing her bestselling book, Please Stop Laughing At Me, Jodee Blanco’s life changes completely in the blink of an eye.

When she wrote the book, Jodee just wanted to get the message out about what bullying was like. She had no idea her life would change so much. She was a publicist living a life full of parties and movie premiers and suddenly found herself touring America and helping thousands of bullied teens – as well as the bullies! She had no idea the book would have such an effect and she has some serious choices to make – but will she make the right ones?

Jodee Blanco’s book, Please Stop Laughing At Us is an amazing sequel to her first book as well as the difficulties of living a whole new life – not to mention the hardships of being an advocate to thousands of youth whose voices aren’t being heard. Filled with heartfelt confessions, the book also has advice for parents, advocates, adult survivors, and parents on how to handle the very serious topic of bullying.

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